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Like Facebook for Crypto: Tigereum Opening the Market to Mass Appeal

While adoption of Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies has been well documented and pretty rapid, it pales in comparison with technologies that are designed to be user-friendly and all-encompassing, such as social media.

With smooth customer interfaces and easy one-touch messaging, social media has set a high bar for technology that is accessible to everyone. Additionally, its broad appeal has helped it become the revolutionary driving force turning social media into the way everyone now communicates.

Cryptocurrencies are already revolutionary just in their premise, and within the realm and the understanding of people who know them, they are rapidly growing. However, the average person on the street is still too scared to enter this confusing world.

Tigereum believes it has a solution by making it as easy to send and receive cryptocurrency as sending a Tweet or a photo on Facebook. Tigereum will achieve this by effectively attaching money to an instant message. They have already put together a prototype instant messaging Botto test the process.

One-click send

Tweets, messages and Facebook photos are sent in their trillions each day because it is so simple to do so. Tigereum believes that by opening up the cryptocurrency world with easy one-click sends and receives, cryptocurrencies will no longer have the technological fear-factor.

Through Tigereum's platform, the hope is that users of Tigereum’s instant message Bot can easily send small amounts of money to friends and family. It is a solution that even Bitcoin has tried to breach, breaking the red tape banks have for sending money, but this goes a step further.

Using the Blockchain and its underlying decentralized system, Tigereum users could have the same benefits as any other cryptocurrency user without the difficulties of long, confusing wallet addresses and exchanges.

From Tigereum to cash

The niche that Tigereum could fill is to provide a solution for those who are interested in cryptocurrencies because they have heard their friends and family talk about them but are confused by the brave new world.

Tigereum claims it can create this ease of social networking through its instant messaging Bot which will enable friends to chip in for a bill, send a present of currency to family on a birthday, or buy the next round.

Opening up the world to crypto

In order to make cryptocurrency a truly global phenomenon, people need a simple introduction into the crypto world and interface. Many people will simply not take the plunge into the cryptocurrency world as it now stands since it is a confusing minefield for the non-tech savvy or older generation. This is what Tigereum hopes to be.

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